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Compadres, thank you for supporting the Greg Halvorson Blog, for carping, criticizing, participating in, and praising it, and for helping I, who am shy, “come out of my shell.”  Writing is not easy, and if something reads smoothly and makes clear, salient points, it means that HOURS – sometimes as many as 40 (I’m embarrassed) – went into hammering out the first draft and revising, revising, revising….  If you can give a five-spot now and then, believe me, it sends a super-charged Chris Matthews thrill up my leg — We writers don’t ask much, but SOMETHING in the till keeps us from robbing banks.   😉

Oh, and if for some reason you’d like me to speak to your group, all I demand is a limo at the airport, a post-speech massage by a Swedish woman at least six-feet tall, and a bowl of M&Ms with the green ones picked out!